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BioPrime™ Nanoparticle CBD Delivery Technology

Introducing BioPrime™ CBD nanoparticle delivery technology from Vitality Health CBD.

cbd nanoparticle

Right now you are probably asking yourself, “what in the heck is a nanoparticle and how does it apply to CBD”?

To put it quite simply, a nanoparticle is a much smaller version of a particle that has been achieved through a series of complex proprietary processes in which the original particle has been refined down to a mere fraction of it’s original size.

Nanoparticulization has a major effect on how our bodies absorb, break down and process Cannabidiol / CBD. Once the CBD particle has been reduced in size to sub 300 nanometers it takes on some very unique characteristics when compared to its former macro particle version of itself.

  • BioPrime™ nanoparticulized CBDs are so small that they have the ability to pass through cellular structures such as the blood brain barrier which under normal circumstances would not be possible.
  • Nanoparticulization also allows for direct absorption into the blood stream making BioPrime™ nanoparticle CBD up to 100X more bioavailable over competing macro particle versions.
  • BioPrime™ CBD nanoparticles delivered sublingually bypass the stomach and liver preventing what is referred to as “denaturing”, a process in which the body’s natural chemical breakdown of the CBD destroys up to 85% of the Cannabidiol / CBD before it can be delivered to CB1 or CB2 receptor. (For example, a 25mg macro particle CBD dose will equate to as little as 3.75mg after your body has broken it down to the point where it can effectively process it).